Nintendo 3DS: Ninty's last cartridge console

Download-only model next says analyst

Michael Pachter claims the end is nigh for Nintendo's beloved cartridges.

The days of games cartridges are numbered. That’s according to renowned gaming analyst Michael Pachter, who says the Nintendo 3DS will be the Japanese gaming great’s last console to use the classic format.

The cartridge has been a mainstay of gaming for the best part of thirty years. And Nintendo has always loved them, from the halcyon days of the NES right through to the N64. But the 3DS will be the last as flash storage gets cheaper and Apple shows the way with a download only model for the iPhone.

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“I actually think Nintendo is going to migrate away from that. Think about the iPod as an example,” said Pachter. He went on to say that after 3DS he thought there’d be “zero” consoles using cartridges.

It’ll be a sad but inevitable day when this finally happens. But as the App Store has shown, downloads only can be done to winning effect. For more gadget and gaming news, stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook feeds.