Nintendo 3DS Lite to be unveiled at E3 2012?

Slimmed down 3DS console to make an appearance at LA gaming expo in June

Nintendo's latest flagship and unique portable games console the 3DS looks set to get a little brother with reports of an imminent Nintendo 3DS Lite

Nintendo looks set to expand is offering of 3D capable portable games consoles in the coming months with new reports suggesting the Japanese gaming giant will launch a Nintendo 3DS Lite later this year.

Following the trend set by its two-dimensional screen touting predecessor, the Nintendo 3DS is reportedly heading for a bit of the Atkins treatment, set to shave off a few millimetres and grams to be re-launched as a new 'Lite' model.

Nintendo 3DS Lite Release

"To increase the 3DS's install base, there's a possibility for a lighter version that addresses the handheld's weak points, the thickness and the battery life," Japanese magazine Nikkei Trendy has speculated.

Whilst a potential E3 unveiling of the 3DS Lite would see the slimline console made a reality in June the reports go against comments previously made by Nintendo that stated the 3DS was "fully packed from the start."

Would the availability of a slimmer, lighter, better battery packing 3DS tempt you in to splashing out on the 3D console? Let us know via the comments box below.