Nintendo 3DS launches: First impressions

First play with Ninty's new portable 3D gaming gem

Wii upstaged by new Nintendo DS console at LA gaming expo

Not to be outdone by Microsoft's Xbox 360 Slim or more Sony love for the PlayStation Move, Nintendo decided to focus its attention on much smaller console gaming matters by officially unveiling the Nintendo 3DS at E3 2010.

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CVG's Tim Ingham was one of the first to find out what the next DS installment has in store for gamers on the go, notably the introduction of 3D gaming without the need for those awkward specs.

On Nintendo 3DS entering the world of 3D gaming

"Whilst Sony blares out that it's ushering in the 3D revolution - slapping weighty, £100 glasses on the bridges of our noses to make it happen - Nintendo may have just created the most important piece of entertainment technology in decades."

On Nintendo 3DS and glasses-free 3D gaming experience

"The one slight letdown of 3DS is that nothing actually 'jumps out' of the screen in your direct vision. This is much more about what's going on in the background."

"But occasionally, just when you're not looking, something tricks your eye by poking out just to the side of your glance. It's a pleasure to be fooled."

On Nintendo 3DS camera

"Two cameras on the back of the device take a snap of your mug, which is then displayed in super-blurry mode on the 3DS's top screen."

"Using the analogue control, you then slide the images together until you hit the sweet spot; that perfect blend that shows off the differentiation between you and your background."

"No disrespect to Nintendo - they're first to this tech, after all - but when a 'proper' mainstream camera firm gets hold of this and runs with it, it will will change everything."

Verdict on Nintendo 3DS

"No wonder Nintendo didn't shout about it from the rooftops back in March. Gamers everywhere are about to do that job for them."

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