Nintendo 3DS health scare stories debunked

Retailers and Ninty both say reports are wide of mark

The Sun had claimed that HMV was offering full refunds to affected gamers.

Nintendo and some of the UK’s biggest games retailers have moved to refute claims made in yesterday’s Sun newspaper that the handheld console was at the centre of a health scare. The paper said “thousands” of gamers had suffered from dizziness and headaches owing to the 3D effects and that the console was suffering from “record return levels”.

Nintendo said, “Recent reports are incorrect. The number of calls and emails with queries on Nintendo 3DS is in fact well below the rate experienced during past hardware launches and having spoken with our retail partners there are only a handful of people who have actually gone into stores to request a refund."

Nintendo added that regular breaks while using the device were advised and that the 3D effect should be turned down if gamers did feel any discomfort.

GAME said it had had fewer than five complaints, while HMV said The Sun’s claim that “thousands” were afflicted might have come from the fact that gamers can trade in any hardware at their stores, the 3DS included, for any other gaming product.

The Sun also featured one user who complained he couldn’t get his money back after feeling ill. Under trading laws, full refunds are only available for faulty goods, not those that make you sick, said HMV

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Via Eurogamer