Nintendo 3DS glasses-free tech won't work on TVs

Stereoscopic tech handheld only says Nintendo boss

Specs-less 3D TV will happen someday, according to Ninty prez.

The stereoscopic, glasses-less 3D technology in the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS console is "not a good fit" for home televisions according to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.

The Japanese giant stunned the world with the new console at last week's E3 gaming expo, inspiring hopes that a glasses-less 3D future might be imminent beyond Nintendo's new handheld.

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However, Iwata says that the need for viewers to view the screen from a certain angle is perfect for how gamers naturally hold the device, but less so in a living room environment. He also pointed out that the LCD needs to be a certain distance from the screen in order for the tech to work.

He told GamesBeat: "With this parallax barrier technology, the LCD must be a certain distance away from the screen. It also needs a certain viewing angle. We think it is not a great match for the home TV set."

The news will be a disappointment to 3D fans, who abhor the headache-inducing specs, and an industry still coming to terms with the fact that people just don't want to wear the glasses.

However, Iwata reckons that, although his tech can't work here, it's only a matter of time before something is invented to make 3D specs a thing of the past.

He added: "As one of the engineers, I can anticipate that someone will invent a 3D TV that does not require you to wear 3D glasses. As far as today is concerned I do not think they can do it well. We need an invention to make it happen. If you ask me when, I have no idea."

We wait in hope.

Link: Nintendo (via CVG, GamesBeat)