Nintendo 3DS games will always have 2D mode

Producer says 3D viewing not essential for 3DS experience

2D-only users won't lose out on Nintendo 3DS gaming experience.

Good news for the eyestrain and headache brigade: Nintendo have confirmed that all the games released on their glasses-free 3DS handheld will always be playable with the 3D slider turned all the way down.

In some of the games Nintendo were using to promote the 3DS at CES back in January, having the 3D whacked up was essential for certain gameplay elements to work. Now, Nintendo 3DS platform producer Hideki Konno has come out with reassurances that consumers will have a different experience.

"We want to get software out to as many people as possible, and there are some people who just can't see 3D." says Konno. "We're moving away from any stance that says if you don't use the 3D functionality you can't play this game."

The Nintendo 3DS is set for a midnight release this Friday (as in late Thursday night/early Friday morning), with the lowest price of £187 to be found online. Toys R Us are also offering bundle deals at the midnight launch at their flagship store in Brent Cross, London, with the 3DS selling packaged with either Rayman 3D or Super Monkey Ball 3D and a gratis carry case.

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