Nintendo 3DS games sales fail to meet launch hype

3DS game sales struggle to make an impact on the charts

Launch weekend game sales disappoint despite high expectations

Early reports seem to indicate that the Nintendo 3DS may have suffered a rather underwhelming reception over the weekend, its first on the UK market.

Whilst sales figures for European hardware are never released, the games charts are telling a rather worrying tale for the portable games console that is to bring extra-dimensional gaming to the masses.

Over the weekend, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D edition managed a measly 6th place on the individual formats chart despite being the 3DS' best performing title. The next best offering for the extra-dimensional handheld was Pilotwings Resort which only managed to come in at number 8, bested by Pokemon White for the previous-gen, standard dimension DS.

Crysis 2 came out on top this weekend, leading both the individual and multiformat charts, putting Nintendo's lukewarm performance to shame.

Whilst the 3DS is sure to pick up more sales in the weeks following its launch, we had come to expect big things from the little console given the hype surrounding its launch. Lets hope Ninty still has a few gems hidden away that could challenge the current champions from Xbox 360 and PS3.

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Via: Metro