Nintendo 3DS eBook reader plans unveiled

3DS to "automatically acquire newspaper articles"

It might only be in 2D but an eReader for the 3DS is an added bonus

The Nintendo 3DS is to add yet another highly desirable string to its already weighty bow as Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata talks of 3DS eBook reader capabilities that could challenge those of the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle.

Iwata, who also hinted towards plans for a Wii 2 3D, suggested that the new Nintendo 3DS’s Wi-Fi capabilities could be used to access online tombs. He said: “As you carry it with you while out and about, it will seek out and automatically connect with wireless LAN spots and download information.”

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It was already known that the 3DS would communicate with other Nintendo gear over Wi-Fi, but the eBook reader function discussed by Iwata would feature automated updates and downloads: “We’re thinking about functionality where it will automatically acquire newspaper and magazine articles.”

At present, it is not know whether this function would come to UK devices, be limited to Japanese models like the current DS’s automated mini game downloads, or simple be nothing more than a passing thought from Nintendo’s big cheese.

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