Nintendo 3DS claims US sales record

Impressive, but Nintendo wont't reveal exact figures

Claims come as reports of black screen of death niggles pile up.

Nintendo says its first day sales of the 3DS in the United States were higher than any of its other handheld consoles over the same period. How many, we hear you ask? Well, Ninty’s not saying.


Nintendo 3DS video


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Officially, that’s because it’s waiting until 14 April when the NPD, which independently verifies games sales, will release the data. The gaming giant is yet to say whether the 3DS has beaten any sales records here in the UK. The handheld went on sale last Friday, 25 March.

The news comes as reports of a black screen error on the 3DS begin to ramp up. Countless users have said they’ve had to hard reset their new console after it crashed mid-game.

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Via Joystiq