Nintendo 3DS 3D effect safe for children

... so long as their eyes are developing normally

3DS could be used to detect visual problems in children.

After concerns that the upcomind Nintendo 3DS' glasses-free 3D screen might damage the eyes of the under-sixes, the American Optometric Association have come forward to say that use of the 3DS might actually be good for visually impaired children, as problems they experience while viewing the 3D images could highlight otherwise unnoticed problems with their sight.

Problems that could affect the viewing of 3D images on a 3DS are in many cases similar to problems that cause difficulty reading, according to the AOA. The 3DS could provide an easy litmus test to see if a child is suffering from problems like a lack of focus in one or both eyes, crossed-eyedness or eyes that are misaligned.

This announcement comes hot on the heels of Nintendo's own recent warnings to parents that the use of the 3D effect may not be safe for younger children whose eyes are still developing. The AOA apparently agree that all such devices should be used in moderation, but that for children with normally developing eyes, there should be no risk in using the 3DS in 3D mode.

Via: PCWorld