Nikon S1100pj: new projector cam incoming

Updated effort promises tweaks to ace S1000pj

New model set to land soon with slew of new features.

Nikon’s ace S1000pj was one of 2009’s hottest gadgets. As well as taking sharp snaps, it also had a pico projector built right in, letting you beam home movies on-the-go. And now its hotly tipped successor, the S1100pj, has been detailed by a German camera mag.

The sequel will rock up with a touchscreen round the back, a remote control so you can tweak movies without having to move the snapper while it’s projecting and cost roughly €350. That’s about £290 here in Blighty.

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Other than those few deets and the pic you see here, there aren’t any other juicy morsels, although with a string of other new Nikon snappers, including the D3100, set to launch soon, you won’t have to wait too long to play nice with this one.

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Via Nikon Rumors