Nikon D5100 UK release date set for April 21st

D5000 successor officially unveiled, priced at £669.99

Long-awaited DSLR update inbound imminently

Nikon has finally unveiled the sequel to the much-loved D5000 DSLR; the D5100. The camera, which will launch on April 21st for a base price of £669.99, boasts a lot of the features that make the D7000 a winner older brother so successful while offering a slew of new ones.

The cam features the same 16.2-Meg CMOS image sensor as in the D7000, as well as the same EXPEED 2 processor. The Vari-Angle LCD display is 17 per cent thinner than on the D5000, gifting the cam overall dimensions of 128x97x79mm.

New features include a Special Effects mode, which lets you add a range of properties to images and video, such miniature Mode, a Night Portrait mode with up to 102,400 sensitivity, Silhouette Mode, Colour Sketch mode and a Selective Colour Mode.

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The cam will also launch with a new stereo mic; the Nikon ME-1, which’ll set you back £119.99. Nikon claim it’ll completely remove AF noise from your vide recording antics. Desperate to snap this up (pun intended)? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.