Nikon D3100 set for September

Best Buy says snapper coming next month

Nikon set to confirm plans at event on 19 August, but Best Buy has let release date slip.

The much-anticipated Nikon 3100 is due to land on 18 September. That’s according to Best Buy, with an inventory listing at the gadget seller showing the camera’s availability.

The replacement for the Nikon D3000 is expected to get official at an event on 19 August, with specs remaining thin on the ground. Best Buy’s listing only says it will come with 18-55mm lens. The rest we’ll have to hold on for.

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Nikon is also expected to out a replacement for its D90, as well as a slew of other efforts as it looks towards Christmas. Canon’s new EOS 60D and 1Ds Mark IV will doubtless be on its mind too.

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Via Nikon Rumors