Nikon announces new compact cameras

New range sees features such as 3D and built-in projectors.

Image 1 of 7 Nikon P7100
Nikon P7100
Image 2 of 7 Nikon S100
Nikon S100
Image 3 of 7 Nikon S6150
Nikon S6150
Image 4 of 7 Nikon S1200pj
Nikon S1200pj
Image 5 of 7 Nikon S4150
Nikon S4150
Image 6 of 7 Nikon S8200
Nikon S8200
Image 7 of 7 Nikon S6200
Nikon S6200

Nikon has spoilt us with what can only be described as an entirely new range in itself, from their high-end D-SLR's to their compacts, they've got a new product.

Nikon has unveiled a slew of new cameras, covering all ranges and throwing in some big new features such as 3D-imaging and built-in pico projectors.

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First up is the king of the range, the Nikon P7100. An update on the old model, the P7100 is their ultimate compact D-SLR offering a 10.1MP sensor with full manual controls, 7.1x zoom and a hinged-touchscreen which allows you to take perfect images from any angle. At £499 it's not cheap, but for that you get all the features of a SLR in the body of a compact, it's out 22 September.

Next up are the S1200pj and S100, both offering up a compact with a difference. The S1200pj has a built-in pico projector while the S100 is able to take 3D images from different angles, putting them together so they can be put together and viewed on a 3DTV. Both offer 720p recording and the S1200pj comes with a 14MP lens while the S100 is endowed with a larger 16MP, both these will be available for £399 and £249 respectively.

For those who want a compact with the zoom of a bigger camera, but don't want the bulk of an SLR Nikon has unveiled the S6100 and S8200, both with insane zoom capabilities. The S6200 is the smaller sibling and has only, we say only, a 10x zoom with 16MP and 720p recording. The S8200 on the other hand has a mammoth 14x zoom and offers up full 1080p recording, again these are priced £179 and £279 respectively.

Finally we have the super compacts from Nikon with the S4150 showing us the meaning of 'pocket friendly'. At just 128g, the S4150 is incredibly lightweight but still manages to pack in a14MP sensor and offer up 720p stereo video recording. If perhaps you'd like just a few more megapixels then the S6150 will offer up a 16MP sensor and 7x zoom, all for £159.99.

So there we have it, Nikon's latest line-up, what's impressed you the most? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter.