Nike Seitiro Hi-Vis Football unveiled

New and improved Hi-Vis football makes Premier League debut

With Winter and its relevant weather conditions fast approaching football needs a new beacon for the game, Nike has stepped forward with its latest creation the Seitiro Hi-Vis

Nike have unveiled the Seitiro Hi-Vis Football, a ball which Nike claims contains all of their most advanced ball technology and is an accumulation of all their knowledge on creating footballs for poor-visibility situations.

At the top of its features is Nike's RaDaR technology (Rapid Decision and Response) which essentially means that not only is the ball the ultimate colour combination for seeing in poor-light but that it also contains extra-brighteners which highlight the colour contrast making it yet more visible. It also has what Nike calls a complete 360-degree sweet spot which means that at whatever point of impact the Seitiro Hi-Vis is always on target.

Having already made its recent debute in the Premier League this advanced football is also being used in Italy’s Serie A and Spain’s La Liga. Made for being more than your average 'keepy uppy' ball the Seitiro is priced as such with bunters able to get their hands on this spherical talisman for £90 now.

Tried the new Nike Seitiro Hi-Vis Football, does it live up to its claims? Let us know via the contact box below...