NFL Super Bowl XLVI to be streamed online for the first time

American Football fans rejoice, the Super Bowl is to be streamed live online in 2012

The jewel in America's sporting crown is to make the jump online with the NFL confirming Super Bowl XLVI will become the first to be streamed live

The world's most viewed annual sporting event, the Super Bowl, is to be streamed live online for the first time in 2012, the sport's governing body the National Football League has confirmed.

Set to take place on February 5th Super Bowl XLVI will become the first time the pinnacle of the American Football season will be available to watch live online with and the official website both set to stream the sporting event.

Super Bowl XLVI Streaming

Whilst TV viewers enjoy the pre-game hype and now infamous ad breaks online viewers will be able to benefit from a choice of multiple viewing angles and the ability to rewind the action.

"We don't want to limit ourselves to people not in front of the TV," NBC's Vice President of Sports Digital Media, Rick Cordella said. "The playoffs are appointment viewing. People schedule their day around it."

"By adding multiple camera angles, HD-quality video, DVR controls along with social interactivity, our online streaming represents a compelling, second-screen experience that nicely complements NBC's on-air presentation."

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Via: TechRadar