Nexus 4 sales reaches 1 million benchmark?

XDA Developers member uses IMEI number to estimate shipments

The Google Nexus 4 has surely exceeded the expectations of both Google and LG after the high-end smartphone with a low-end price tag sold out within minutes

Over a million Google Nexus 4 smartphones have been shipped according to a post on the XDA Developers forum. Using the IMEI numbers, forum members claim to have discovered a way of working out the shipment figures of the quad-core smartphone which has taken on the likes of Apple's iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The IMEI number of the Nexus 4 apparently reveals not only the country of sale but also the handsets position in the production line, this led to a handset from Turkey being identified as the 999, 998th Nexus 4 to be produced.

The Nexus 4 packs a quad-core S4 processor along with an impressive 2GB RAM placing it alongside the likes of Sony's Xperia Z, the new BlackBerry Z10 and the Galaxy S3 in terms of hardware.

It also comes with Google's new Android Jelly Bean operating system featuring Photo Sphere, a 360-panorama feature and Google Now which gives you live updates on information around you.

Reports suggested that the Nexus 4 had initially only sold around 400,000 units but if these new figures are to be believed then Google will be feeling pretty happy about its collaboration with LG.

Google also saw success with the award-winning Nexus 7 by Asus which the company could well be replacing this year with a Full-HD display and thinner form-factor.

Source: XDA Developers