Next generation Blackberrys could support Android

Blackberry Playbook also still awaiting Android compatibility

Sources close to RIM have claimed that next years Blackberry models will be able to run Android applications.

In an attempt to maintain market share and popularity of their handsets, Research In Motion (RIM) is planning to enable next years Blackberry models to run Android applications. Three people familiar with RIM's future plans claimed that next generation Blackberrys running RIM's new QNX software will also be able to support Android apps.

QNX-run Blackberrys are expected early next year and QNX software is seen as an important part of RIM's plans for the future. Additionally, a move towards Android applications would alleviate one of Blackberrys chief problems, and bolster their otherwise stale application store.

You may remember that RIM confirmed that the Playbook would support Android apps earlier this year. This appears to have been delayed until the autumn at the very earliest and there is still a possibility that Blackberry phones and the Playbook may become Android compatible simultaneously.

Ultimately a move towards Android should steady the RIM ship a little, as Blackberry will have plenty of competition for sales should the highly anticipated iPhone 5 arrive before the end of the year as expected.

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