Next-gen iPod Touch leaks with capacitive home button

Upcoming iPod to host capacitive home button?

Apple do away with physical home button in leaked iPod Touch

The next generation Apple iPod Touch is to land with a new capacitive home button and storage increased to 128GB, new leaked information has suggested.

Appearing thanks to a flurry of leaked spyshots the claimed iPod Touch revamp can be seen to have done away with the physical home button, a feature previously rumoured for Apple’s next iPhone handset, instead opting for a capacitive touch option.

Seemingly confirming previous speculation and patent filings the inclusion of a capacitive home button on future iPod Touch and even iPhone devices could see Apple introduce a feast of new gesture controls to the devices’ below screen bezel.

Joining the leaked Touch’s nifty bag of tricks the device’s ‘About’ screen clearly displays its 128GB capacity, doubling the current top end storage options of the latest range of iPod Touch devices that top out at just 64GB.

Will we really see Apple dropping the physical home button for the next-gen iPod Touch and iPhone? Share your thoughts via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: CrunchGear