New York Times launches News.Me answer to The Daily

New reader app offers socially-themed reader

Twitter pull-in system tailors news to the interests of our peers.

The New York Times has attempted to steal the thunder of The Daily launch today by announcing an exciting socially-themed news reader app for the iPad called News.Me.

The application will pull in news that is being read by your followers on Twitter, while filtering the stories based on how many times they're being read and shared, according to TechCrunch, which has the first hands-on with the app.

Whereas News Corp and Apple will today boast of the original content that will be produced by The Daily's 100-strong team of journalists, News.Me will attempt to perfectly tailor existing news content to its readers.

Downloaders will log into their Twitter accounts and immediately be presented with a host of stories that their followers are already tucking into, but unlike Twitter it won't be just links, but the title, picture and first paragraph or so. Naturally, you'll also be able to share the stories through all of the usual means.

So, if for instance, you're a tech journalist who loves Liverpool FC and the odd bit of movies and current affairs, that should be reflected in those you follow on Twitter and then your daily dose from News.Me should fulfil that need ably.

The app is a collaboration between the NYT and app developer betaworks, there's no word of a release data yet, but there's enough here to spark an interesting debate. Do iPad readers want new content or the best of what's already out there delivered to their device. We'd also imagine there'd be no weekly charge for this either.

Link: via TechCrunch