New Xbox 360 Slim set to make older model cheaper

Arcade model yours for just £100, Elite for £150?

Image 1 of 2 Xbox 360 Arcade
Xbox 360 Arcade
Image 2 of 2 The New Xbox 360 Slim
The New Xbox 360 Slim

Fatter Xbox about to get last-ditch price drop?

Following on from the announcement of the Xbox 360 Slim, news and rumblings form across the Atlantic suggest that the current, more rotund 360 will immediately begin selling at a much reduced price.

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To counteract the new Xbox 360 Slim, which will sell at $300, US store target will (as of tomorrow) be selling both the Arcade and Elite versions of Microsoft’s console for $50 less each.

This bring them down to $150 and $200 respectively, which – when translated into pounds – comes in at around £100 and £150. At £100, the Arcade would be by far the cheapest of the three main consoles.

It’s an obvious and predictable measure to try and eek slightly more out of a now defunct model, but it remains to be seen if it’ll prove successful. This is especially so when you consider that an extra $50 (£30) on top of the Elite price will land you the Slim model with built in WiFi, but Microsoft’s WiFi add-on for the Elite costs around £50.

Will you be tempted by sudden price cuts, or will you be getting the new, slim model? Let us know below…