New Xbox 360 S sells out in the UK, shortages ensue

Slimmed-down Xbox proves a bit too popular...

Huge surge in sales causes lack of stock

Last week we reported that the rebirth of the Xbox 360 has been hugely popular, with an 88 per cent growth in sales numbers for June 2010 over June 2009. Now it seems that UK retailers weren’t quite geared up enough for that level of popularity, as most are reporting shortages of the new console.

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Sainsbury’s, for example, said that it had gone through its entire first batch in just a few hours, and that the next delivery probably wouldn’t “last the whole day.” Most major retailers have similar stories, with new stock meant to be coming in over the next couple of weeks. This new stock is likely to be released on a first-come-first-served basis (as opposed to a pre-order system), which is likely to cause the same kind of shortages all over again.

Smaller, independent retailers have been n the same boat, with one reporting that it had "Greatly underestimated the demand for the new unit."

Good news for Microsoft, bad news for eager customers. Did you manage to get hold of one of the new consoles? Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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