New Xbox 360 Dashboard coming early December

New-look dashboard with increased Kinect integration

While the Dashboard has remained relatively unchanged since launch the time has come for a makeover that welcomes Kinect into the family

Microsoft has apparently confirmed that the new-look Xbox 360 dashboard will be making its debut on 6 December after having been through a trial period of being in beta.

The new-look dashboard includes increased Kinect functionality and features a tile-like design that mirrors the early images we've seen of Windows 8. The Dashboard also includes increased voice recognition functions with the user able to use Kinect to easily search through the Xbox's hard drive and then also use Bing search.

There's also talk of increased on-demand content with BBC iPlayer, 4od and Love Film all set to making an appearance on the dashboard while of course keeping the same content that exists already with users still able to access Sky via the Xbox 360.

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Source: Team Xbox