New WipEout PS3 game revealed by domain leak

New futuristic racer to be title WipEout Trinity?

Could the new name for the latest in the popular PS3 WipEout game series have been unveiled accidentally?

Eagle eyed gaming fans have spotted that Sony Computer Entertainment has registered the '' net domain in November last year, hinting towards the upcoming arrival of a new WipEout release

Sony has remained tight lipped on the matter, but speculation is rife across the internet that a new chapter in the futuristic anti gravity racing series could be just around the corner.

These rumours have been fuelled by a job advert appearing at the game's Liverpool design studio, stating that they were looking for "an experienced and upbeat Senior Designer to work with a talented and experienced team on a high profile, futuristic racing franchise". They might as well have hung a banner outside the window saying 'new Wipeout game coming soon'.

Previous to this, fans even managed to get hold of the CV of a former Sony developer from the team responsible for WipEout HD, the last game in the series released in 2008, which seemingly revealed the studio was working on a new PS3 project.

We already know that WipEout is coming to the soon be released Sony NGP (Sony registered last month), but could hopeful fans be rewarded with new PS3 game too? Only time will tell. In the meantime, speculation will no doubt continue on forum boards across the internet.

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Via: CVG