New Windows Phone 7 phones coming February

Acer E600 will lead line-up at MWC

Insiders claim slew of new phones being primed.

It’s certainly not the most shocking story of the year, but it appears Microsoft is lining up its second batch of Windows Phone 7-packing mobiles for Mobile World Congress next year.

The annual mobile bash, which kicks off in February in Barcelona, will apparently see Acer’s new E600 lead the line, with insiders telling Digitimes that other mobile makers will also be plying new WP7 wares.

On top of that, the Big M is looking to get a string of new manufacturers on board, including Lenovo and ZTE, in preparation for a lucrative WP7 debut in China.

Windows Phone 7 is ace, but its sales figures have not been anywhere near what would have been expected. Unofficial stats have pointed to a sluggish start, with Microsoft’s new OS failing to match up to rivals Android and iOS.

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Via Digitimes