New Windows 8 file transfer features revealed

New features include revamped copy, paste and replace

Microsoft has been updating a blog with new Windows 8 features since it was announced, the third post has appeared and it highlights some of the more advanced features you can expect to see.

The Windows 8 blog has unveiled some more of the new features coming to the Tablet/PC operating system which include copy, paste functions and the UI for file transfers.

One of the biggest changes in this area will be how Windows responds when you carry out a file transfer. Before, you'd be given a rough estimate of how long the transfer would take, now however Microsoft has decided that rather than mildly improve on data which is frankly near impossible to accurately estimate, they'd focus on giving you more options.

You can now pause file transfers as well as see real-time data graphs on how each transfer is doing, allowing you to pause particular transfers to allow the quicker copy of others. Realistically it's a feature that you'll either have been crying out for or probably won't even notice on the new OS which is actually how Windows wants it to be.

Finally they've also added a thumbnail system for replacing files with the same filename, whereas before you were simply prompted to go through each image and confirm or cancel now you'll be greeted with tick boxes, letting you see the original and the prospective replacement.

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