New 802.11ac WiFi standard coming 2012

802.11ac will be three times faster than current routers

It's time for a heavy tech story now as Broadcom have confirmed a new standard of WiFi will be coming by 2012 and it'll be fast. Really fast.

Broadcom have confirmed that there will be a new standard of WiFi coming to the UK and the rest of the world by the end of 2012 that will boast speeds three times that of 802.11n.

Talking to PCMag Broadcom revealed the ins and outs of the new standard. 802.11ac utilises a waveband that is above those that are used now, by using the 5GHz band 802.11ac is able to transmit in what is called 'clean air'.

By using this 'clean' band 802.11ac is unhindered by other signals and so is able to be incredibly quick and also incredibly powerful, offering penetration through buildings that has not yet been achieved by even the most powerful 802.11n routers.

What does that mean for us? Well essentially it means quicker browsing, and more reliable browsing over WiFi. Fibre-optic will be translated into WiFi signals much more clearly which will mean streaming on mobile devices will be hugely improved and finally it means you'll never have to go and sit next to the router because your room is just that little bit too far away.

While it's unlikely we'll see a consumer model appear before Christmas 2012 the standard will be shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 so stay tuned to T3 for all the coverage of both CES and the new WiFi standard.

Source: PCMag