New .uk web address suffix to be offered to British businesses

Shorter, more secure address to fight fraud

The company in charge of web addresses in the UK has put forward a proposal for shorter web addresses and tighter security to stop the spread of malware

The plans would let any company based here in Britain shorten its web suffix to just .uk and take advantage of tighter security measures.

Any website with a .uk address would be regularly scanned for malware and viruses and would comply with the new DNSSEC security standard for web browsers.

Nominet - the organisation responsible for our web addresses here in Blighty - is behind the proposal. Director of operations, Eleanor Bradley insists a .uk addresses will offer greater choice for "businesses that wish to have an online presence which demonstrates their commitment to online security and trust."

The choice to take on the new suffix and slim down comes with a cost, though. While a standard web address will set a UK company back £5 every two years, the new domain name will be about £40 a year - eight times as much.

Of course, just to make things confusing, there are also plans by US-based ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to let you have any word as a web address from next year.

Plenty of corporations have already signed up for their own branded domanis and generic names are to be auctioned off in 2013.