Toyota Auris 2013 to be unveiled at Paris Motor Show 2012

An extensive make over sees that 2013 Auris land with a meaner grill and curvy backside

Toyota's Auris (2013 model) will make an appearence at the Paris Motor Show in September, with several models expected to be on display

Toyota is set to reveal the new Auris at the Paris Motor show in September, which the company claims will deliver improved dynamics, better styling and higher equipment levels than its predecessors.

Toyota Auris: Features

The car features improved aerodynamics, high-quality interior furnishings and a decent amount of cabin and boot space, making it ideal for weekend getaways.

In terms of the gear on rear, the new Auris sports a wider opening tailgate and a new bumper profile, designed to strengthen the car’s stance, according to Toyota.

The steering and suspension have also been giving a makeover, making the car more comfortable and responsive to drive.

Toyota Auris: Release Date

The new Auris will be premiered on September 27 at the Paris Motor show, however, information on pricing and its UK release date is yet to be released.