New Tomb Raider teaser outed ahead of E3 2012

Lara Croft returns ahead of full E3 2012 outing that will see a new trailer launched

Getting in ahead of the throng of gaming news, a new Tomb Raider teaser has been released, hinting at an E3 2012 unveiling of a full trailer

In somewhat infuriating fashion, a new Tomb Raider teaser has been released ahead of the full trailer’s official unveiling at next week’s E3 2012 expo.

The first site of new Tomb Raider gameplay footage since the title’s unveiling at the LA based E3 gaming expo last year, the new, brief teaser is to be followed by a more comprehensive trailer early next months as the games community once again descends on the Californian city.

Featuring a series of new gameplay scenes, the new teaser showcases a selection of Uncharted esque content with the iconic British gaming character set to make a return to consoles following a number of years on the side-lines.

Facing continued delays and postponements, the overhauled Tomb Raider franchises will now see Lara Croft hit a variety of game platforms in 2013 with the previously tipped 2012 arrival now reportedly on the rocks.

Are you impressed by the latest Tomb Raider teaser or would you rather save the fuss and simply have the full trailer? Let us know via the T3 Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Via: CVG