New super-thin 21.5-inch Apple iMac now on sale

Will be on its way to you within three days

You can now get your hands on the fusion-welded 21.5-inch Apple iMac. The company is promising dispatch within three days. 27-inch model is coming before Christmas

Apple has unleashed its brand new all-in-one 21.5-inch iMac desktop computer.

The miraculous 5mm-thin machine was unveiled to great acclaim at the iPad mini launch event in October with Apple promising an end of November on-sale date.

Despite reports of production woes, Apple has lived up to its vow to get the new iMacs out there before December comes knocking.

The company is promising dispatch within three days, with the £2.7GHz model costing £1,099 and the 2.9GHz a little more expensive at £1,249.

Apple also has a 27-inch version in the pipeline, which is scheduled for launch sometime in December.

The new iMacs are able to be so thin thanks to a new fusion welding process, which uses a combination of heat and intense pressure to fuse the front and back surfaces together to create one seamless edge.

Reports earlier this month has suggested that this process - which is being used in computing for the first time - was causing hold ups in the manufacture of the new iMacs, but it seems those rumours were wide of the mark

Via Pocket-Lint