New Super Mario Bros 2 trailer released by Nintendo

Ahead of its European release next month, Nintendo has treated fans to a fresh SMB 2 trailer

Nintendo has released the new Super Mario Bros 2 trailer, giving eager gamers a glimpse of what to expect when it finally lands next month

Nintendo has released a fresh trailer for Super Mario Bros 2, which will be released in the UK on August 19 for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL.

The trailer gives fanboys a detailed glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming adventure game.

As expected, Super Mario Bros 2 doesn't mess with the original winning-formula, with gamers being required to guide the Italian plumber through a series of potentially-fatal obstacles while collecting as many gold coins along the way.

The Japanese games giant has also capatalised on the franchise's existing features.

A magic mushroom turns Mario into a super-sized monster, giving him the ability to smash through obstacles and collect coins hidden in unreachable areas with ease.

The moustached plumber is also able to run on water and reach new heights using his enemies as trampolines.

Nintendo says the game will have a strong "emphasis" on coin-collecting, and will also feature the return of fan-favourite Racoon Mario.

Crash course

During an interview with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, Yusuke Amano, one of the creators behind SMB 2, explained that game designers first created over 80 courses for the jumping plumber to conquer before officially deciding on the title's gameplay elements.

He said: "I heard Tezuka-san believes that the course design plays a key role in determining the fundamental elements of 2D Mario games, so he opened the cram school in hopes to spread that knowledge across others within the company."

"Some knew a lot about games and some didn't but the Mario Cram School we mentioned earlier came in incredibly useful.

“Participants got a firm grasp of the basic ingredients of what makes 2D Super Mario enjoyable and experienced actually making stages, so we were able to begin this project with a solid foundation."

Watch the new Super Mario Bros 2 trailer below

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