New study measures stress of losing your smartphone

Compares it to the bit with Bambi's mum...

A new study has been carried out to measure the emotional impact of losing your smartphone

Are we getting too attached to our tech? A recent neurological study believes that the idea of us losing our precious iPhone is one of the most distressing things that can happen.

The study, which was commissioned by Geek Squad, the techies who help out struggling Carphone Warehouse customers, shows that losing a phone causes 20% more stress than losing a wallet and 22% more than misplacing your luggage.

Remember the classic waterworks moment when Bambi’s mum dies in the Disney film? Well apparently that’s the same feeling people have when their mobile goes walkabout.

Geek Squad decided to have the study conducted after a large number of customers emotionally contacted them, complaining of phone damage or the complete loss of their handset. On average 15% of all the calls they receive every month is due to loss or damage.

Interestingly women took the loss of a phone far worse than men, 16% more according to the study.

So best keep that new Nexus 4 in sight at all times, or else you could be in for a very unhappy weekend.