New PS3 UK release date set for August?

Revamped PS3 console could land in just a few months time

Exclusive: Sony's slimmer and more power efficient Playstation 3 (PS3) console could see an August UK release date, according to sources

The new PS3 UK release date could be as early as August after reports today suggested that a price drop for the current PS3 was planned for the same month.

Trying to connect the dots between the new PS3 console unveiled in Japan earlier this week and talk of the PS3 console dropping below £200 to £179.99, we spoke to CVG's Tim Ingham who told us that the price-cut 'makes sense.'

On whether the new PS3 could be UK bound in August Ingham said, "Sony has launched power-saving iterations of its consoles before in certain territories, so it wouldn't be a huge shock for them to do so again in Europe."

T3’s resident expert, Deputy editor Matt Hill agreed: “Sony quite regularly changes its console chassis to lower production costs, and in turn its sale price, which helps to extend the appeal and life cycle of the product.

"It did it with the Sony PS2, the Sony PSP and it’s already done it with the PS3 once. Cologne’s Gamescom in August is the last major gaming trade event of year, so would make a good launch pad for a Christmas push before PlayStation inevitably turns its full attention to the Sony Vita.”

However, Ingham downplayed the importance of the launch adding, "A lighter, greener PS3 isn't the sexiest of hardware revisions, so I'm not sure how much of a song and dance they'd make of it if it was in their plans."

Specs for the upgraded PS3 model include a lower power consumption compared to the current Slim going from 230 watts to a more efficient 200 watts. Weighing in at a lighter 2.6kg, there will also be a 320GB hard disc, while on the external front it will have changes made to power and eject buttons with LED lamps said to have also been removed.

Sony has refused to comment on whether the tweaked console will be arriving in the UK.

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