New PS3 Move bundle rumoured

Smaller hard drive for new package

PS3 Move getting new package according to latest gaming gossip.

Sony is preparing to add another bundle to its slew of PS3 Move offerings, with a new console-inclusive offering said to be in the offing.

A source close to the gaming giant has told Gamervision that the new bundle will undercut the current top-end US offering, which costs $399 (£256) for a 320GB PS3, one game, PS3 Move controller and a PlayStation Eye. Word is the new offering will cost $349 (£223) for the same little lot, although the console will have a 120GB HDD.

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At the moment, UK bundles are restricted to the Move controller and camera offering for £49, or the Move controller alone, which costs £34.99. This will doubtless change ahead of the 17 September release.

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Via Gamervision