New PES 2013 trailer outs game modes ahead of release

Ahead of the PES 2013 UK release date Konami has launched a new PES 2013 trailer

With an autumn PES 2013 release on the horizon, a new PES 2013 trailer has hit the web as developer Konami highlights the new game modes

Ahead of this autumn’s PES 2013 UK release date, developer Konami has launched a new PES 2013 trailer highlighting a selection of new gameplay features.

Detailing a host of the upcoming title’s new game modes, the latest PES 2013 gameplay trailer is the first in a series that will offer detailed breakdowns of the FIFA 13 rival’s key features. Showcasing the revamped training and online game modes among others, the new trailer offers a flurry of gameplay content, teasing the title ahead of its autumn release.

PES 2013 Features

Built around three core pillars of improvement, entitled “PES FullControl, Player ID, and ProActive AI,” PES 2013 is touted as sporting the highest degree of realism the football franchise has ever seen.

Adding dynamic first touch features that are to be paired with full manual shooting and passing modes, gamers are to be offered the ability to take a more detailed and controlling approach to their in-game actions with full manual one-two and responsive defending further adding to the fray.

Konami has also promised PES 2013 will sport improved player individuality helping gamers to better distinguish their favourite footballers amongst the hoard of on-pitch activity.

PES 2013 Release Date

Confirmed as heading to the usual array of platforms, Konami has revealed that a PES 2013 release will be held for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC formats with PSP and PS2 renditions also set to be made available.

Although a precise PES 2013 release date has yet to be confirmed, Konami has revealed that the latest rendition of the football sim will land in “autumn 2013.”

Check out the trailer below.

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