New PES 2012 trailer is most comprehensive yet

Five minute trailer shows off new features and animations

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 looks set to be the best of the series with brand new features, hugely improved animations and a comprehensive set of single-player challenges

Konami has unveiled another nugget of video goodness; a full and comprehensive trailer for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 showing off the much-improved graphics, animations and AI.

The fast-paced trailer manages to cover a huge amount of the games features, starting with the Active AI which will be powering the teams you face, moving on to the much touted 'off the ball' control features. The trailer then moves into exploring the modes and features the new PES will be offering.

Training challenges allows you to practice your shooting while the dribbling course sets out digital 'cones' for you to run around making it a perfect introduction for players that are perhaps new to the genre. But fear not, there's plenty for the hardcore PES player with Football Life allowing you to become either player or manager and take your team every step of the way to the finals.

Sound your cup of tea? Well check out the full trailer below and let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

PES 2012 GameCon 2011 Trailer