New Ofcom reports reveals increase in UK broadband speeds

Average UK broadband connection up from 6.8 to 7.6Mbps in just six months

Broadband speeds in the UK continue to rise ahead of the introduction of new codes to ensure consumers are getting the speeds they are paying for

The latest Ofcom report into broadband speeds in the UK has revealed that British internet speeds are continuing to increase despite many consumers not making use of the improved connection speeds on offer to them.

According to the latest figures broadband speeds in the UK during November 2011 averaged out at 7.6 megabits per second, up from the 6.8Mbps average recorded six months earlier. Of the 13 packages covered by the report, Virgin Media and BT Infinity were found to offer speeds closest to those being advertised.

Although this rise is a positive move for the UK the Ofcom report found that up to 42 per cent of broadband subscribers in the UK with connection packages of 10Mbps or lower could increase their service speeds at little or no extra cost.

“It is encouraging that speeds are increasing and that consumers have a real choice of broadband service,” said Ofcom Chief Executive Ed Richards. “There is a real opportunity for consumers to look at the packages and deals in their area in order to receive the best value, speeds and performance available to them.

“We can look forward to further increases in UK broadband speeds over the next few years. Most households in the UK can now access superfast broadband services, and these services are set to get faster still.”

A continuing concern for Ofcom and the UK public is the discrepancy between advertised speeds and those actually achieved with new codes drawn up by The Committee of Advertising Practice and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice to be brought into action this April to help ensure consumers are getting what they are paying for.

“It’s good to see Britain’s broadband speeds moving in the right direction and the new advertising rules will, for the first time, force our competitors to be more honest about their “up to 24Mb” claims. We hope they’ll try to keep up,” said Jon James, Executive Director of Broadband with Virgin Media.

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Via: TheTelegraph