New Modern Warfare 3 trailer released online

Redemption trailer outs new locations and some familiar faces

A new trailer for Infinity Ward's upcoming Modern Warfare 3 has exploded onto the web, outing new locations and some familiar characters from the series' past

The Redemption trailer was played in the UK for the first time in the middle of Friday's England vs. Montenegro football match, and confirms once again, if confirmation were needed, that the world in Modern Warfare 3 is in a pretty sorry state; attack helicopters over Manhattan, tanks in the streets of Paris and some poor chap being doused in petrol in Africa.

The trailer also sees the return of Captain Price and series' arch-villain Vladimir Makarov, the man responsible for all that kerfuffle in the papers two years ago over a level in which you and he shoot up an airport full of Russian citizens - an elaborate double-cross that sets up a third world war and a Russian invasion of the US.

The trailer also confirms Prague as a new location, and a mission involving a hijacking on what looks like the Russian Presedential plane. You can check out the Redepemtion trailer below. Think you've spotted something we've missed? Share your intel in the comments below.