New MeeGo tablet partners announced

Chinese company set to use MeeGo as base for custom OS

Former Nokia smartphone and tablet OS struggles for recognition.

MeeGo, the smartphone and tablet OS Nokia ditched in favour of Windows Phone 7, is set to be the basis for a new tablet operating system in China. The OS, built by Red Flag Software, will use MeeGo version 1.2, the company building its own user experience on top.

The deal, revealed at a MeeGo conference in San Francisco, will give Intel, the OS’s main backer, hope that it can break into he lucrative Chinese market. Sadly, there’s no word on whether any major tech firms are looking to follow Red Flag’s suit and get involved with MeeGo.

Intel remains bullish, saying in a statement, "The MeeGo software platform gives developers a faster and easy way to deliver intuitive and compelling user experiences. MeeGo provides a world of opportunities for device manufacturers and operating system vendors alike."

But with Nokia giving the OS the cold shoulder and Android and iOS storming ahead, will MeeGo ever become a big time player? Tell us what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages now.

Via Engadget