New Macs suffering from OS X Mountain Lion bug?

Some new Macs are unable to reinstall OS X Mountain Lion

Apple has made a name for itself by having one of the most 'stress free' operating systems available but now OS X Mountain Lion looks to be causing a headache for some users

Apple users are reporting a problem which means they're unable to reinstall Mac OS X Mountain Lion on new Apple Mac computers, it is believed the problem lies in the computers missing essential permission files.

The problem was first raised by MacTrast and macnn when some users reported that they were having problems reinstalling OS X Mountain Lion from the Mac App Store.

Both websites are reporting that the issue arises when users try to reinstall the OS from the Mac App Store resulting in an error message which says the computer isn't compatible with OS X Mountain Lion.

This is apparently happening because the computers aren't shipping with the latest permissions needed to install the OS from the App Store, at present it appears as though there is no known fix.

Apple haven't come forward to comment on the bug however they are working on a new update for Mountain Lion so fingers crossed that it manages to address this issue.

Source: MacTrast