New MacBook Pros: more problems emerge

Top-end machines locking up under load according to users

Issues follow last week's problems with iTunes Home Sharing.

The new MacBook Pro line-up is suffering from yet more problems, with the top-end laptops reportedly crashing under heavy load. The news follows last week’s reports of the updated machines struggling to work with iTunes Home Sharing.

Discussion threads on MacRumors and Apple’s official pages point to the fact that this isn’t an isolated problem. One user has complained that his trackpad and keyboard refused to work while the temperature of his MacBook Pro soared to 90 degrees.

Among the 567 replies on Apple’s discussions boards, one user said, “The fans revved and suddenly I could use nothing but the cursor. Had to hold down the power switch to kill all and then re-power & startup. I wasn't doing anything unusual, but I had 7 apps open and was amid an auto-backup to TimeMachine.”

Apple is apparently aware of the problem, which is said to be down an issue with the graphics driver and can apparently be fixed with a software update to OS X. Still, this is an embarrassing incident for Cupertino as it looks to push its MacBook Pros as the best laptops in the world.

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Via MacRumors