New MacBook Pro UK release date: March 11th

Apple's updated top-end laptop to get Sandy Bridge chipset?

Imminent refresh sees stock of current model run dry

If you’re thinking of buying a MacBook Pro you’d be best holding off for a few weeks, as leaked information from Best Buy has revealed that the line is set for a refresh on March 11th. The news follows weeks of low stock levels on in Apple stores, and all signs point to a completely new machine.

Little is known about the new models other than that the pricing will be in line with the current generation – the 13-inch base model will still start at $1199 (£1020). Rumours abound, though.

Some websites claim that the new Pros will benefit from flash storage as in the new MacBook Airs, while others claim that the machines will feature the Intel Sandy Bridge processors. Either way, the new Pro is likely to feature quad-core innards. What do you want from the incoming MacBook Pro? Let us know on the T3 Twitter feed.