New MacBook Pro specs leaked

Base model details outed, as Light Peak plans become clear

"Apple Thunderbolt" and Intel-backed graphics lined up for new MacBook Pro.

The new MacBook Pro is set to get official today. But ahead of Apple’s announcement, the specs of the base 13-inch model have hit the web for all to see. And it looks like this refresh is going to pack a serious punch.

Leading the line is Intel’s Light Peak tech, rebranded as Thunderbolt according to the leaked MacBook Pro packaging from which the details are taken. A spy shot of the side of the machine clearly shows a dedicated port for the new, super-speedy transfer tech.

And there’s plenty else to get het up about. The base MacBook Pro comes with an ample 4GB RAM, a massive 320GB HDD, 13.3-inch 1200x800 panel, FaceTime HD camera (the name iSight seems to have been killed off), a SDXC slot, 2x USB and Firewire.

Intel HD graphics and a Core i5 processor complete the set. It seems chatter about NVIDIA’s dedicated graphics being given the boot is bang on the money.

We’ll be bringing you the official announcement of Apple’s new MacBook Pro family later today, so stay tuned here and to our Twitter and Facebook pages for more details.

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