New MacBook Pro: new details revealed

What can we expect from next-gen Apple laptops?

Tweaked trackpad and unique OS storage solution set for new MacBook Pro.

The new MacBook Pro range is expected to get the official nod as soon as 24 February. But other than the inclusion of new Intel Sandy Bridge processors, little else is known about what we can expect from the upgraded top-end laptops.

But now BGR has sniffed out word of a couple of new features that are bound to get Apple fanatics salivating. The glass trackpad is said to be even bigger on the new MacBook Pro, making for easier swipes and multitouch gesturing.

Perhaps more bizarrely, OS X is set to get its own separate SSD, with all other files and info being stored on a different internal hard drive. Apparently, this 8-16GB disk will be found on all models of the new MacBook Pro.

There are set to be five different models, each shaving off around 225 grams compared to the current line-up. We’ll be bringing you all the news of the new MacBook Pros release, so stay tuned for details as we get them. Remember to hit our Facebook and Twitter pages for all the latest news too.