New MacBook Air: Update indicated by low stock

Best-Buy runs out of Airs. Is a new shipment incoming?

Is the Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt-packing MacBook Air just a few weeks away?

Apple rumours are typically long, drawn out affairs, and gossip surrounding the refreshed MacBook Air is no different. As much as we may have said this in the past: the new Air looks set to land very soon.

The fuel for the fire comes from Best Buy, which has declared the diminutive Mac out of stock. According to 9to5Mac, this is normally a sign that a newer model is just around the corner. It’s a logic we can’t fault.

The new MacBook Air will probably benefit from Intel’s Sandy Bridge chipset, just like its bigger brother the MacBook Pro and the desktop iMac. It’ll also see a Thunderbolt input drilled into its unibody case, which will allow data transfer speeds of up to 10GB per second.

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