New MacBook Air spotted

Innards of new super thin machine snapped

Beefed up connectivity primed ahead of launch on Wednesday.

The snap you’re looking at on this very page is said to be the interior of the new MacBook Air, taken ahead of its launch at Apple’s “Back to the Mac” event taking place this Wednesday.

Engadget got the scoop, with the photo suggesting that the new MacBook Air will keep the same 13.3-inch size as the current model, but take on the same unibody frame as its Apple laptop stablemates.

Best of all though, it appears connectivity has been given a much-needed boost from a solo USB, with two USB ports and an SD card reader. Eagle-eyed Apple watchers have also suggested that Cupertino will go with an old-school Intel Core 2 Duo chip rather than the latest Core offerings.

We’ll be covering Apple’s “Back to the Mac” event as it happens on Wednesday, so stay tuned here and to our Facebook and Twitter pages, for everything you need to know.