New MacBook Air: Flash not included

Adobe plugin missing from new machines

Apple confirms lack of Flash as Adobe battle rumbles on.

Planning on getting a new MacBook Air? Well, whether you plump for the svelte delights of the 11.6-inch version or the stunning 13.3-inch model, neither will come with Adobe Flash preloaded.

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In a move which is bound to exacerbate Apple’s row with Adobe, the Flash plugin is missing, with no option to install it from the web page where it should be. You can download it, by this latest stunt by Apple is bound to reignite the debate about whether Flash is still a viable option as Steve Jobs looks towards HTML5.

The lack of Flash on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch has been the cause of much consternation, with Jobs refusing to back down until Adobe meets his demands for a more stable version.

Of course, some Windows machines arrive minus Adobe Flash, but this is clearly another attempt by Apple to expunge the video software from its machines. Is it a wise move. or is Flash essential? You tell us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Via Engadget