New iPod Touch review gets T3's five-star verdict

"Best PMP in the World" declares T3's editor

While all eyes were turned on the new Nano, the iPod Touch crept up and blew our socks off

T3's very own head honcho Mr Luke Peters has given Apple's new iPod Touch a five-stars rating dubbing it 'the best PMP you can buy' after having put the fourth-generation Touch through its paces.

Read the full T3 review of the iPod Touch

The new iPod Touch may not have been given the huge design overhaul that the iPod Nano has, instead Apple realised it was on to something good and just improved it, a lot. With the same retina-display and processor as the iPhone 4 the iPod Touch becomes even more of a powerhouse than it was before.

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One of the key things that stood out for T3's Magazine Editor was the audio quality, calling it ' a real improvement over the smaller iPods and even more impressive when you replace the bundled headphones.' This then coupled with the improvements in the display led him to conclude that 'Quality costs, but then this is easily the best PMP in the world.'

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