New iPod nano cases point to square look

Is the nano about to get another refresh?

New cases suggest nano could be losing its click wheel completely.

The new iPod nano is becoming the centre of some hot gadget gossip, with fresh case designs pointing to a new square form factor, mimicking the iPod nano 3G.

The cases, which can be seen here above two sleeves for the new iPod touch, suggest Apple is ditching the click wheel on the device, giving credence to rumours that the nano is about to get a 1.7-inch touchscreen.

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The slit at the back is said to be for a camera, which suggests that feature will stay from the nano 5G. But in paring the screen down from its widescreen design, Apple does appear to be going down a strange route.

Of course, all will be revealed on 1 September at 6pm UK time, when Apple holds its annual iPod event. Stay tuned for updates as they happen and remember you can get all the latest news on our Facebook and Twitter pages too.

Via MacRumors